prince_mab (prince_mab) wrote in guerillatics,

Buy Nothing Day against Eddie Bauer

Although I broke the main rule of "buy nothing day", I participated with a corporate campaign in association with USAS.

So, in the spirit of buy nothing day I traveled 95 miles from my apartment to the Ridgeland Mall and to the closest Eddie Bauer to my home.
My comrades decided to stay home for various reasons, so I went at it myself.
12:00 - Get into "prep" costume. Put on a baseball cap to force my hair down to a frat-a-liscous hair-in-the-face look.
1:00 - Head out.
2:00 - pick up Walter, a hitchhiker trying to make it to Chicago. I take him to Canton, making sure he gets past Madison, a haven of the affluent where I figured he wouldn't get much sympathy. Good luck Walter, hope you make it to Chi-town alright!
3:00 - Arrive at the Mall. Smoke 2 American Spirit cigs to calm my nerves a bit. Begin stuffing pockets of jeans and backpacks in Bauer.
3:20 - Head over to Cups (local coffee shop with a branch in the mall) and grab a cup of fair trade. This will be my prop for the rest of the performance. Also gives me time to properly fold my hand fliers.
3:30 - Back in Bauer. I talk to some employees, one of which begins helping me shop for some bootleg jeans for my sister. (Sorry if I screwed you out of some commission when I didn't buy them.) Continue to stuff pockets and talk to employees.
4:00 - pull an 'associate' off to the side and tell her about the campaing and what I'm actually doing. She looks a bit perterbed. I give her about 8 fliers and tell her I'm on my way out. I ask her to pass the fliers off to her manager after I'm out the door.
Walking toward the door, I pass out fliers to customers with a "Seasons Greetings from Eddie Bauer" or "Special after-thanksgiving sale here at Eddie Bauer".
Make my way out and continue to hand out fliers as I walk to my car.
Begin putting left over fliers under windsheild wipers when I see security with lights going driving toward Bauer and they go inside.
4:15 - circle the parking lot looking for a place to put the rest of my fliers, but there are a lot of security everywhere. Pull my hair back up into the more common Trotsky-quaf.
4:30 - Head home to Hattiesburg.

Overall, I used about 80 fliers.
Approx. 50 stuffed in clothing
20 handed out
10 on cars.
No real confrontation with management. I was a bit more cautious as I was alone.
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