Boner (harold_penis) wrote in guerillatics,

THE TAKE - those of you in Canada, support this film

This movie's only playing in Canadian theatres as yet (openin in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal this weekend). But if its opening weekend is successful, it'll get distribution in the States.

That's Freddy Espinoza in the foreground. Oh he is so soulful!!

In Vancouver, it's playing Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 12:30, 2:40, 4:50, 7:00, and 9:25, all PM. My friends and I are going to the 7:00 showing on Friday.

The back story goes something like this: Argentina gets screwed over by the IMF, probably more spectacularly than any nation that's happened to so far. The economy crumbles, big business flees the country and takes its capital with it, and factories close down in droves. ...Argentinos say "Fuck that," occupy the factories, hold off the police with slingshots, and start producing again, with no boss. I LOVE THIS! I'm not explaining it well, but the idea is so exciting. No bosses, not even a revolutionary leader - just people, nifty and brave people but just people, asserting their ability to live outside the standard economic/political model. Argentinos: 1, The Man: 0.

Now then, kids: The number of people who see the movie this weekend is what determines whether this film gets wide distribution - so if you think this is a good cause, pass it on. (Cross-posted all over the place.)
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