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from the horses mouth

help the aged: 79p

i'd never heard of this autobiograpy before but
having read the opening ten pages i can see 'confessions of an economic hitman' is going to an auxhilerating, depressing, and motivating 'tell all' affair.

a cautionary tale of how the human soul is so easily sucked into the shiny black hole that is power.

here's a nice synopsis from someone that didn't particulary like the book:

'Aha, said the bad Westerners. Let’s invent a new way of colonization—one that doesn’t involve guns, administering messy countries and building highways for them that they will never maintain. What we will do instead is that we will extend to them so much debt, debt that they cannot possibly service, that they will be so hugely indebted that they will owe us big time. For collateral and payment, we will use their natural resources and we will expect them to provide us with military bases and vote as we instruct them. We won’t land marines to take their resources or re-build them, of course. We will use our companies—like Shell, American Food, Bechtel, Halliburton—to run them. Of course, it won’t make a difference whether they are private companies or the government because it is all a revolving door—two principals of Bechtel were cabinet members in the Reagan administration (Weinberger and Schultz) and Halliburton’s former CEO, as everybody knows, is the current US VP, Dick Cheney.'

see also: syriana, lord of war
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